Bring safety to the elders in your community

AAPI Safety Badge

As allies, active bystanders, and caring brothers and sisters of the Asian community, it's on us to protect our most vulnerable. We created the AAPI Safety Badge to serve as a symbol of safety and community support. The bright lanyard and badge worn around the neck enables our elders to easily ask for help, if they feel unsafe, or if they are having an emergency. More than that, the badge is a signal to those around them that they are actively protected by their community.

We open-sourced these safety badges to inspire and enable anyone to take action and distribute in their neighborhoods.

— Sunny, Vicki, and Zoe


The AAPI Safety Badge consists of the badge, lanyard, badge holder, and whistle. We produced these using a mix of local and online vendors. The quickest way to produce them would be to use the vendors listed below. If you are located internationally, have a different vendor of choice, or need support in another language, please reach out to us directly.

Safety Badge

Ready-for-production files that can be printed at The Aesthetic Union based in San Francisco, or sent to your local print shop.

We used Classic Solar White (130lb matte). Any heavy-weight matte finish paper is best for writing. For a batch of 500 for 6 languages, the cost is $0.20/badge.


Reference order #IMA153094132 at For a batch of 1500, the cost is $1.44/lanyard. Allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.

Production specs (included on proof): 3/4 Inch, red lanyard with white imprint, metal lobster claw in silver, sewing stitch with a safety breakaway.


      ​​Reference order #IMA153094132 at For a batch of 1500, they cost $0.42/holder. Allow 1 week for shipping.​​

      Badge specs (included on proof): 3 Inch x 5.25 Inch

          METAL alert whistle

          For any quantity over 100, the cost is $1.49/whistle. Allow 1 week for shipping.

          Our Story

          Sunny, Vicki, and Zoe are three Asian American women who started “In The Mood For Love, Not Hate” in February 2021 after feeling angered and heartbroken watching anti-Asian hate crimes steadily increase in their own city. They felt strongly about providing tangible support to the elders being targeted in our communities, while also creating positive action in bringing awareness to this issue.

          The original idea came from Sunny, who would often make her Chinese-speaking father visiting from Shanghai a handwritten card containing her contact information and helpful bilingual phrases so he could explore the city on his own.

          Enabled by the generous support of  crowdfunding campaign, they created 3000 badges in six languages to distribute directly to neighborhoods in the Bay Area. They created this open-source site in April 2021 in hopes that others would feel similarly moved to bring active support and awareness to their vulnerable communities.

          Thank you

          We are eternally grateful for the overwhelming support from:

          Jess Tat
          Ryan Mather
          Paul Chan
          Lulu Yao Gioiello
          Lessa Watkutsu
          Jeena Kim
          Tarn Susumpow
          Tej Smith
          Michelle Ong
          Brian Kanagaki
          Namik Schwarz
          Nicole Wong
          Mary and Ian Macnider
          The Aesthetic Union
          and all of our generous GoFundMe donors